Living in a High-rise Building Harmful To Health

Nowadays in most European cities there are more and more high-rise buildings, in which not only residential premises are located, but also commercial ones, for example, offices.

Some young people dream of living in such skyscrapers, preferably on the upper floors, so that they can be the first to meet the sun’s rays and admire the city panorama.

However, scientists argue that a long stay in the high-rise, negatively affects the overall health. Such people become the most irritable, are more likely to experience nervous stress, and also, they have fast fatigue and frequent headaches.

In most cases, this is caused by minor fluctuations in such structures, and they do not occur, only during construction work, conducted near a high-rise building or vibration, for example, issued by rail, but also as a result of a strong wind.

Naturally, a person does not notice this, however, it is such fluctuations that are the most dangerous factor for health. British scientists plan to create a commission to conduct research in this area, which will require at least 7 million pounds.

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