Learning Foreign Language Develops Mental Abilities

American scientists, after monitoring the children, whose age did not exceed 16 years, found that children living in families where parents of different nationalities, much better and faster learn foreign languages.

The fact is that from an early age a child has the opportunity to hear several languages ​​that he quickly learns, which develops his abilities.

It is noted that such children, in most cases, are distinguished by better thinking, memory, imagination and other abilities. It turns out that compared to their peers, children living in bilingual families are more receptive to the sound of speeches in different languages.

In order to develop the child’s mental abilities as actively as possible, it is not necessary that the father and mother are of different nationalities, it is enough that one parent learns any foreign language and, as often as possible, communicates with his baby. By the way, in our time there are specialized kindergartens in which children from an early age learn a foreign language.

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