Killing a Child Is Better to Start in the Summer

In order to be less likely to be exposed to colds and infectious diseases, it is necessary to strengthen the immune system.

For this, hardening is well suited, thanks to which the body’s resistance to external factors increases, so cold, draft, rainy or hot weather is not terrible. If some people think that bathing in cold water is thus tempered, then they are deeply mistaken, because this should take place gradually, regularly and adhering to a special way of life.

The best time of the year for beginning the tempering of a child is summer, because it provides an opportunity to swim in open water, walk barefoot on the morning dew, and much more.

After the end of the school year, many parents try not to adhere to the regime of the day for the child, allowing late to sit in front of the computer monitor, and also to sleep before lunch.

During the Vacation You Must Observe the Day Mode

However, this can not be done, because children need to observe the daily routine, even on holidays, in which the hours of rebound and recovery must be at the same time. For schoolchildren of lower grades, the duration of sleep should be at least nine hours, and for pre-school children an hour more, while not forgetting about daytime rest. To sleep was strong, it is necessary to ventilate the sleeping room, while avoiding drafts.

Every morning you need to perform exercises, which you can use to draw your child’s attention, you can use your own example, you can use a ball, a rope and a hoop.

After exercise, take a shower, alternating warm with cool water, the temperature of which gradually reduce, and of course do not forget to brush your teeth, which constantly require careful care. For the prevention of angina, experts recommend rinsing your throat with cool water, and after a few such procedures a child can eat ice cream, which is often forbidden to use by children. It is worth remembering that if walking barefoot in nature is useful, then on the asphalt and other hard surface can lead to the formation of flat feet.