It is Useful to Whether to Dive

Recently, one of the most popular sports, particularly among young people, is diving, which is not surprising, because in addition to the health benefits of a unique opportunity to observe the life of sea creatures.

In Spain, in order to attract tourists, organized underwater museum, where visitors can be only with special equipment.

However, there is a perception that the diving classes causes lung damage. Scientists from Germany conducted a series of studies, participated by more than 400 professional divers who are soldiers. It was found that a long stay under water does not affect the lungs.

The greatest harm to their work causes smoke, because in the course of the experiment, the status of these bodies has worsened in only those individuals who are engaged in swimming and at the same time are smokers.

This conclusion is certainly specialists gladly will accept divers, of which there are millions in the world. Therefore, if you have never tried to swim under the water, then, while on the sea, do not miss this opportunity, because you do not get the feeling passed.

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