It is Important to Observe the Sleep Regime

Often there is a situation where people who lead an active lifestyle and use only healthy products complain about their health, as headaches, irritability and fatigue often appear.

Scientists of one of the Dutch universities conducted a study, which resulted in the fact that the reason for this is the failure to comply with the regime of the day, namely the violation of the quality of sleep.

This category of people, as a rule, are young people, often go to bed after 23 hours, which naturally affects the general condition. As a result of the experiment it was found that during the period from 9 to 11 o’clock in the evening during sleep, resting brain, so with frequent violations of sleep patterns, this category of people have problems.

Starting at 23.00 and up to one in the morning, there is a “reset” of the nervous and muscular systems, and if during this period of time awake, there may be violations of blood pressure, as well as gradually develop heart disease. To constantly feel in good physical condition, try to violate the regime of the day as little as possible, so that the biorhythms do not fail.

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