Is there a Relationship Between Sunburn and Aging of the Skin?

More often on the streets you can meet people with a beautiful even tan, and, even in the winter season.

This is not surprising, because modern salons provide patients with a solarium, where you can get the desired result.

However, scientists warn that if the skin gets direct rays, both solar and violet, it can provoke such a disease as cancer.

In addition, taking sunbathing, we do not even think about the fact that on our body there is an increasing number of wrinkles, which leads to rapid aging. Therefore, staying on a sunny beach, be sure to use special sunscreen, and apply them to the open areas of the body should be no less than two hours.

Do not forget about the headdresses, because often there are cases of sun shocks. Last year, Denmark’s travel agencies appealed to Spanish residents through social networks to remind citizens of Denmark who rest on the shores of the Mediterranean to observe the rules of behavior in the sun, because most of them get burned in the first days of rest.

Tan Preparation Rules

In order to get a good and safe tan, you must prepare your body and skin for exposure to the sun. If you are planning your vacation in summer, then approximately 2-3 months before a trip to the sea, it is recommended to start taking products containing vitamin A. This is necessary in order to prepare the body for the effects of ultraviolet radiation and reduce the risk of hyperpigmentation. In addition, you must maintain a proper diet, which will contain vitamin C, E, antioxidants and beta-carotene. One of these products is carrot juice, which has a positive effect on the skin and prevents the action of melanin.

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