Is It Worth While Refusing To Eat Fatty Foods?

Nowadays, an increasing number of people refuse to consume fats of animal origin, considering them the main cause of a number of diseases, as well as the appearance of excess kilograms.

At the same time, there is a certain category of people who adhere to a strict diet for a long period of time, believing that, thus, they improve health and extend years of life.

However, scientists, having conducted Dietonus quemador de grasa a number of studies in many countries, came to a common opinion that it is not recommended to completely exclude fats from the diet.

The main reason for this is a violation of the metabolic process, which negatively affects the work of many organs, especially the brain. It is known that the brain tissue is 60% fat, and this applies not only to Omega-3, but also to animal origin.

It is proved that those persons, in whose diet there are such food products as walnuts, avocados, salmon are distinguished by good memory, are less likely to suffer from various diseases, including sclerosis.

For the normal Dietonus λίπος καυστήρα operation of the brain, a sufficient number of vitamins such as A, D and K, which the body receives from fat, is needed.

At the same time, fats are necessary for normal functioning of the lungs, because the lack of substances contained in fats can provoke problems with breathing.

Experts argue that the refusal to use such products, leads to a deficiency Dietonus spalacz tłuszczu of saturated fatty acids in white blood cells, because of what they lose the ability to fight viruses and bacteria. Thus, fats improve the protective functions of the body, as evidenced by the fact that vegetarians are more often exposed to colds.

From The Diet Depends On The Condition Of The Skin

An important factor is that when the lack of fats worsens the skin, which becomes dry and flakes.

Naturally, one should not abuse animal fats, because this can negatively affect the work of the cardiovascular system due to the high content of cholesterol, which worsens the blood composition.

Most nutritionists recommend paying more attention to vegetable Dietonus мазнина горелка fats, especially olive oil, which contains many useful substances, including those that improve brain function. Do not forget about the correct composition of the diet, which should be varied, and do not completely exclude animal fats.

The work of the body is affected not only by the correct selection of products, but also by the methods for preparing them, therefore, it is necessary to try as rarely as possible to eat fried foods, as well as smoked and salted products, preferring dishes cooked in boiled form or steamed.

As for weight gain, the appearance of extra pounds is more affected Hair Megaspray udhëzim not by fats, but by a sedentary lifestyle, and by the use of carbohydrates in large quantities, not to mention sweets. Scientists have proved that those people in whose menu are often present confectionery, differ not only in excess weight, but also suffer more from various chronic diseases, including hypertension and diabetes.