In the Heat Do Not Allow Sleep Disappear and Monitor Pressure

In summer, hot weather is often observed when the thermometer columns exceed the thirty-degree mark even in the shade.

Naturally, at such a time the body works with increased workload, so it is recommended that some measures be taken to improve the overall condition and prevent health problems. Especially it concerns that category of people who have problems with the work of the heart or blood vessels.

First, you should try not to go out in the period from eleven o’clock to four o’clock in the afternoon, because exactly at this time the most active solar radiation.

An important factor is the normalization of sleep, because lack of sleep only aggravates the situation, resulting in headaches, fatigue, irritability, which naturally reduces efficiency and worsens the quality of life. In addition to sleep, attention should be paid to the diet, eliminating fatty, smoked and salty foods from it, because its use in the heat worsens the work of the heart.

Need to Withhold From Harmful Habits

So it is necessary to refrain from drinking alcohol and smoking, because these harmful habits contribute to the narrowing of blood vessels. It is not recommended to allow dehydration of the body, so every day should drink at least two liters of water. As for sweet soda water and packaged juices, they not only do not quench thirst, but also harm the body, because they contain a lot of sugar or its substitutes, not to mention other chemicals.

Preference should be given to those products that contain a lot of water, for example, cucumbers, zucchini, watermelons and other vegetables and fruits, which in addition to the large content of nutrients are easily absorbed by the body.

Those who have chronic diseases, as well as people of advanced age, do not forget to control blood pressure and in case of small deviations from the norm, you can use folk remedies. Experts argue that if the pressure is slightly increased, then it can be normalized with the help of infusion prepared from berries of the viburnum, and under reduced pressure, green tea with the addition of ginseng or ginger.

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