How to Wake Up Right

From what first actions you perform immediately after awakening, depends on how the day will pass and what the mood will be.

According to many therapists, in order to have good health, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations. Many people, hearing the alarm clock sound, jumped out of bed, which can not be done, because the body receives stress, which can worsen both emotional and physical health.

It is best to wake up without any signals, and that the body is well rested, do not sit up until midnight in front of a TV or computer, and go to bed no later than ten o’clock in the evening, after having made a walk.

In order for the organism to adapt after a seven-hour sleep, it takes a little time, so when you wake up lying on the bed, do a few stretches or simple exercises that will help to cheer up. Experts recommend in the morning to refrain from heavy training, including running, because they exert a strong load on some organs and spine. In the morning, the most suitable activities such as light workout and swimming, both in the basin and in open water.

What Should the Menu Be For Breakfast

Important is what kind of food you prefer at breakfast, because if you are used to eating fatty, smoked foods, as well as fried foods, it is not surprising if after a while after taking such food you will have painful sensations in the liver.

And this is not saying that you run the risk of gaining extra pounds, getting rid of which is quite difficult.

At the same time, nutritionists do not forbid pampering themselves with anything sweet, because the calories received will be spent during the day, but this does not mean that you can abuse confectionery and other sweet products. Getting to the place of work or study, walk a few stops on foot, so you will finally wake up and improve your mood, because you do not have to stand idle at the stop waiting for transport and avoid fuss.

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