How to Train a Child Properly Eat

Parents do everything possible to ensure that the diet of children is diverse and healthy.

Everyone knows that the consumption of a large number of vegetables and fruits contributes to the replenishment of the body with vitamins, amino acids and other useful substances.

However, about 80% of parents face the problem when children refuse to use healthy foods, preferring sweets or food that is not useful, for Dietonus Česká republika example, hot dog, chips, sweet soda and confectionery.

German scientists, having conducted a study in which Dietonus România about 300 children of different age categories took part, determined that methods of encouraging children for the use of useful products are not effective.

The fact that parents want a child to eat a tomato, greens, cucumber or spinach, promise to allow him to play longer at a computer, or buy a toy, which should not be done, because such education will negatively affect the formation of character.

In order to teach a child from childhood to give preference to a healthy lifestyle, including proper nutrition, you need to follow some tips.

An Important Factor – A Personal Example

One of them is a personal example that parents should demonstrate to their children.

It is necessary to diversify the diet, in which not only vegetables and fruits should be present, but also marine and dairy products, as well as meat, preferring not to fatty varieties of veal and poultry.

In addition, the menu should include porridge, eggs, nuts. Naturally, any child can not do Dietonus Magyarország without sweets, therefore, instead of cakes, cakes, in which, in addition to the high content of sugar, combed fats are present, it is better to offer him honey, black chocolate, dried fruits.

If for a long period of time to adhere to such a diet, then the child gets used to it without any encouragement.

In this case, do not forget that for children are important snacks between basic meals, and it should not be hamburgers or sandwiches, and an apple, banana, yogurt and other products that do not harm the health.

It is worth remembering that for children an important role is played by how the dish is decorated, so if the usual oatmeal, which is best suited for breakfast, is decorated with berries, the child will have an appetite Dietonus Lietuva and he will gladly eat the necessary norm. Nutritionists do not recommend to force children to eat, if they have no appetite, and most often it is observed in the morning period of time.

Everyone knows that you should not refuse breakfast, so it is necessary that the child wakes up well in advance of food intake, has time to do exercises, take a shower and clean up in his room.

To do this, it is necessary that he ซื้อที่ไหน For Fun Gel would go to bed no later than 22 pm, at the same time, two hours before sleep, to refuse to use electronic means. It is better to read a book, do needlework or take a walk in the fresh air, which will enrich the blood with oxygen and relieve nervous tension, so that the sleep will be strong and healthy.