How to Train a Baby Early to Wake Up

If during the summer period when children have vacations, parents are less likely to encounter different problems, then at the beginning of the school year, the hassle is added, especially for those who have children in primary school.

One of them is that a certain category of children go to bed too late, as a result of which it is difficult to wake them up in the morning.

As a rule, because of drowsiness, they do not have time to do exercises, take a shower, not to mention a full breakfast, because they have no appetite. As a result, the state of health worsens, because immunity weakens, not to mention the fact that such a daily routine negatively affects performance. It is not a secret for anyone that you should not skip breakfast, because this meal provides energy, at least, for the first half of the day. In addition, frequent refusal of breakfast can cause some diseases of the stomach and intestines, among which the most common are heartburn and gastritis.

Experts argue that the category of people who are accustomed to waking up early, while sleeping at least seven hours a day, are more successful, both in school and in work, not to mention that they are less likely to suffer from various diseases.

It is necessary to observe the daily routine

In order for parents to accustom their children to the most favorable order, several simple rules should be observed. One of them is a ban, at least two hours before bedtime, using electronic means, in the form of a smartphone, including watching TV.

At this time it is better to make a walk in the whole family, because a personal example is a very important factor in the upbringing of children. Do not forget to ventilate the room, not to mention the fact that a mattress and pillow should be comfortable.

Not a bad option before going to bed is reading. It should be taken into account that some products also act soothingly on the nervous system, so during dinner, which, incidentally, can not be denied, it is better to include them in the diet. For example, yogur or kefir, made from natural milk, vegetable or fruit salad and others.

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