How to Teach a Child to Reading

Scientists have proved that reading has a positive effect on brain function, improves memory, and also prevents the occurrence of various diseases, including sclerosis.

Spanish specialists in the field of medicine conducted studies in which persons over a hundred years old took part, and there are more than 15,000 such people in the country.

It turned out that most of them adhere to active lifestyles, share optimistic views, and also read a lot, which made it possible to avoid many diseases.

In our time, when the Internet has reached almost the entire world, it is very difficult to teach children to devote more time to reading.

The fact is that every year there is an increasing number of cases when young people spend most of their free time on a smartphone or computer, which affects the physical condition, and worsens the brain, causing nervousness, stress and other symptoms, provoking the appearance of depression.

The Right Selection of Books Is an Important Condition

In most cases, it is not possible to get rid of this habit independently, as a result of which it is necessary to seek the help of specialists. In order to instill a child’s love of reading, it is necessary to do this from early childhood.

Already, starting from the age of seven months show him books that are more composed of colorful drawings, which will cause the child’s increased interest.

When the baby starts to talk, it will be a good idea to buy books in which the text is written in large letters, while it is desirable that the plot is simple and understandable for him.

To improve attention and development of thinking, after the fairy tale you read, you should ask the child about how he understood the meaning of what he read. When buying books that are recommended to be updated at least once within three months, there must necessarily be a child who will help choose the one he likes the most. Specialists say that children are more often attracted to books in which they can paint a picture or add letters.

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