How to Strengthen a Child’s Immunity Before the School

News on the site in order to ensure that the child is not subjected to various diseases throughout the school year, in the summer period the parents of the dona take care that his diet was full.

It is not a secret for anyone that it is necessary to consume vegetables, berries, fruits and herbs, because they contain many useful substances that strengthen the protective functions of the body. In addition, the daily menu of the child should be present sour-milk products, because the growing body must constantly replenish with calcium.

As for meat, it should not be completely ruled out, but it is better to give preference to the meat of a bird.

All children like sweets, but most of the confectionery sold in stores, not only do not contain useful substances, but also harm the whole body. Therefore, the best option will be the use of honey, dark chocolate, halva and fruit.

Juices Cooking Better On Your Own

Nutritionists also recommend the preparation of juices, which should be drunk immediately after their preparation, and, you can combine, for example, while squeezing juice from carrots, apples and other vegetables and fruits. To improve immunity, it is recommended to periodically prepare infusions from medicinal herbs. In addition to proper nutrition, you should pay attention to the fact that the child spent as much time as possible in the open air, rather than sitting in front of the computer monitor.

Moving games, as well as bathing in open water, also contribute to strengthening protective functions, and this is not to say that thanks to this the child receives a lot of positive emotions that favorably affect the work of the central nervous system.

Parents are encouraged to spend as much time as possible with their children, and not only on weekends, at the same time, it is good to go camping, out of town for a picnic, which will enable you to communicate with nature. Experts note that those children who are tempered, are much less likely to be exposed to various diseases, so now parents need to take care of such procedures, preferably showing by their example.