How to Store Holiday Dishes

How to Store Holiday DishesDuring the meeting of Christmas and New Year holidays, many people overload their body due to the use of a large number of food products and a variety of drinks, including alcoholic beverages.

It should be noted that most dishes are Maxi Size vrais commentaires prepared using a large amount of mayonnaise, fats and other high-calorie foods that are hard to digest. According to experts, on such days, even those people who adhere to dietary nutrition, can not resist the temptation to eat delicacies, without which the festive table can not do.

Nutritionists say that, despite the relative feeling of satiety, on the first day after the holiday should not give up breakfast. In this case, it should consist of light and healthy Maxi Size echte Bewertungen dishes, for example, oatmeal, which contains not only minerals and vitamins, but also improves the functioning of the stomach, which is an important factor after overeating. You can also prepare an omelette using a large amount of milk, which will enable you to regain strength after a sleepless night. Usually, on the eve of the events, most housewives buy many different products to cook a variety of dishes. Naturally, there are always a lot of unused products.

How to Prevent Overeating Over a Festive Table

There are several rules for their storage, which must be observed so as not to cause harm to health.

One of them is that on the finished product, even when stored in the refrigerator, after a certain period of time there are pathogenic bacteria that contribute not only to deterioration of overall health, but can also cause food Hondrocream Switzerland poisoning. Open cans with canned goods, including mushrooms, are not subject to long-term storage, therefore, it is best to get rid of such products. It is not necessary to store semi-finished products with finished products on one shelf of the refrigerator.

Vegetables and fruits should be located in the bottom of the refrigerator in a special container, while it should be remembered that some vegetables, for example, tomatoes, garlic, onions are best stored in a cool, dark place.

In order to not gain weight during the holiday, which, according to experts, the majority of diseases occur, including hypertension and diabetes, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules. One of them is, as Hondrocream Suisse often as possible to go out from the table in order to dance, or take part in the rallies. Thus, it will not be possible, only to burn excess calories, but also to avoid overeating. It is better to start the meal with salads prepared from fresh vegetables, which contribute to satiety and are easily digested.

However, it should be remembered that one should not store such dishes for more than 12 hours, because bacteria multiply rapidly grow on cut vegetables. For the first Hondrocream Schweiz time after the holidays, one should not allow dehydration of the body, while one of the best beverages is mineral water without gas, as well as teas, both green and black, giving preference to large leaf varieties. They contain substances that contribute to the removal of harmful accumulations from the body, as well as improving the process of metabolism, which is an important factor for improving overall well-being.