How to save the house electric power – effective ways to reduce payment of utilities

How to save the house electric power
Payment of utilities nowadays can affect the family budget noticeably. And the most part of this cost is made by accounts for electricity. As to lower expenses and to save the electric power?

To watch that everyone after himself turned off the light, to prepare on small fire – it is good, but is not an exhaustive solution as similar measures do not bring notable result. There are some simple councils, having executed which, you considerably will lower “load” of your purse.

First, it is necessary to know what equipment is most “gluttonous” – it is devices with heating spirals and thermoelements: flowing water heaters, boilers and accumulative tanks with water heating, electric heating of a floor.

Also, treat them: electric kettle, electric stove, oven, electrofireplace, various heaters, hair dryer and iron. Effectively the powerful engines consuming a lot of electric power “assist” in unwind of kilowatts. Can brag of leadership: the conditioner compressor, the puncher and a drill, the refrigerator, the dishwasher and also the washing machine which has both an electric motor, and heating elements.

If you did not manage to establish the energy saving lamps consuming 4.5-5 times less than electricity that time to get them. Are valuable on them, final, above, than on usual, but the term of their service several times longer than glow lamps and they consume less current.

You remember: five 20 watts energy saving lamps consume as much electricity, as well as one traditional “hundred part”, and each of them is capable to make same, and sometimes and brighter, light stream.

The modern person who is not representing himself without the civilization benefits cannot do without set of the various gadgets, electric light, warm batteries and household appliances creating for it a habitual “zone of comfort”. Questions of economy of the electric power and in general reduction of costs for the maintenance of the house are for it rather relevant. Therefore, it is useful to know about devices which help to save.

TVs and multimedia devices. Less modern “flat” – plasma consume energy and LCD, it treats also monitors from computers. The 17-inch kineskopny monitor which is switched on without need is capable “to reel up” more than 190 kWh a year. Use of “regime of economy” which equipped all modern models for the monitor of the computer allows to save 130-135 kWh within a year.

Computers. The last generations of computers are equipped with energy saving function. It is worth intensifying it (if it is not activated automatically). Thus, the amount of energy which is consumed by the computer will decrease approximately by 50%.

Some computer “pieces of iron”, such as graphic or sound card, processor, consume more energy, than other components. Therefore at acquisition of a new element for the computer it is necessary to pay attention to its power efficiency.

Vacuum cleaner. In order that the vacuum cleaner worked in the most energy efficient mode it is necessary to clean or replace a dust collector in due time. Do not forget to change or clean also filters for purification of the thrown-out air.

Mobile devices. It is necessary to remember: left in the recharge socket consumes energy even after shutdown of the smartphone. When the charger is connected to the socket constantly, up to 95% of energy is used for nothing.

Copiers, printers, MFP. Constantly switched on “copier” within a year can consume 1000 kWh more electric power. Copy machines consume a lot of electricity at the first inclusion and when they do not work in the included mode. To reduce an electric power expense, it is worth starting devices only for copying of a large amount of materials and to switch off them upon termination of work.

Electric stove. Applying ware to cooking which sizes do not correspond to an electric stove ring, 5-10% of energy are lost. When using electric stoves apply ware with a bottom of the correct form which is equal or slightly more than diameter of the heating surface to economy of the electric power. At preparation of first courses close a pan a cover. Intensive evaporation of water increases preparation time by 20-30%, and, respectively, on the electric power expense as much increases. Use of the pressure cooker will reduce preparation time, and ware with thick walls will longer allow to remain food warm.

Washing machine. Are the main reasons not for effective operation of cars for washing excess of norm of the maximum loading and also, opposite action – incomplete loading. In the second case the overexpenditure of the electric power can make 10-15%. At the wrong program of washing the overexpenditure of electricity makes up to 30%. Ultrasonic washing in some cases can facilitate considerably work, and such devices consume about 15 watts (for increase press the drawing).

Conditioner. In order that the electric power was not spent for nothing, the conditioner has to work behind closed doors and windows. Otherwise the Split system will cool the street or the neighboring rooms and where cool air is really necessary, there will be a heat. Besides, planning purchase of such device you remember that today there are modern models of conditioners of invertor type which power consumption can be 50% lower, than at traditional systems with a similar productivity.

Refrigerator. The refrigerator has to stand in the cool place, it is desirable far away from sunlight. Also it should not be put near a plate or other device radiating heat. If temperature in the place where costs the refrigerator, reaches 30 °C, then electricity consumption can increase by 100%.

It is also important not to put warm products in the refrigerator, it is necessary to wait that their temperature fell at least to room. The freezer has to be exposed to a periodic defrosting. The thick ice layer and hoarfrost worsens cooling of the frozen products and increases energy consumption.

Electric power expense in the expectations mode

For anybody is not a secret that the water stream from the broken or leaky closed crane pours out per day in tens, and sometimes and in hundreds of liters of water, with the following consequences in the form of receipts on payment with a huge number of zero. And if to speak in images, then in each dwelling there is a set of such here leaky closed “cranes” via which the electric power, and together with it and finance continuously “flows away”. It is about household electrical equipment which consumes energy even in the “sleeping” mode or in the expectations mode. And if to consider what in each economy is available to ten similar devices, then in a year the thin stream can turn into quite considerable “outflow” of means from your pocket.

Best of all the “switched-off” TV which can be observed practically in each family illustrates senselessness of expenditure of the electric power. It is possible to think that if the screen shows nothing, then and energy is not spent. However it far not so. Certain electronic schemes and the power supply of the TV are under the constant tension, for ensuring interaction with PDU. In this case electricity is spent in the form of heat proceeding from the power supply. In the winter such “heating” can and it is useful, and here summertime excess heat can become your headache.

The list of devices is given below, having left included which it is possible and not to hope about any economy of the electric power. The equipment which “is reserved” consumes electricity (the quantity in 1 hour means)

  • electric stove with electronic control – 3 watts;
  • inkjet and laser printers – from 2 to 4 watts;
  • wireless phones (the consumer – base) – 1 watt;
  • chargers of various types, first of all for mobile phones – 1 watts.

How to save the house electric power – on this question it is possible to find a set of answers, councils and recommendations in network. It is also important to remember that reduction of consumption of electricity positively affects not only your purse, but also cause changes in more global scale, in particular:

  • Stimulation of development of new energy saving technologies;
  • Level of harmful emissions in the environment decreases;
  • The comfort indoors improves;
  • The power consumption of national economy decreases;
  • Economy of energy resources and preservation of ecology for the subsequent generations.

10 easy and effective ways of economy of the electric power

1. Use energy saving lighting fixtures

The most elementary way to save light is replacement of ordinary glow lamps on energy saving. Recently, besides more widespread luminescent with the lowered mercury content, in the market new light-emitting diode appear. They have some advantages – mechanical durability due to the lack of a fragile glass flask and tungsten threads is higher, durability and independence of frequent switchings. The only lack of LED lamps is a high price, however over time they significantly become cheaper.

2. Leaving the room, you turn off the light

Also one of the simplest methods for economy the electric power which we for some reason neglect. If you have not a really good memory, then write a note with a reminder and fix it in a visible place at an exit. Over time it will develop at you long term habit.

3. Follow the instruction attached to household appliances and you watch its state

For example, periodically clean the electric kettle from a scum: firm layers of salts on internal walls of the device create the big thermal resistance which many times reduces overall performance of a heating element and respectively increases its energy consumption.

Also, if to put the refrigerator near heat source, the expense of the electric power can grow several times as the device should work in the forced mode for maintenance of the set temperature. The deep freeze on the glazed balcony will bring more benefit, than in warm kitchen where one refrigerator which, in turn, it is necessary to defreeze and dust in due time the heat exchanger on a back wall suffices.

4. Make a renovation in the house

The “unpretentious” renovation will also promote economy of the electric power. Simple manipulations, such as pokleyka of light wall-paper and painting of ceilings in light tone will allow your room to reflect up to eighty percent of sunshine. The material is more dark, the less it reflects light, so lighting of rooms with a dark interior will require more electricity. Besides, as much as possible use natural lighting.

5. Wipe bulbs from dust

One of effective options how to save electricity in the apartment, includes the simple procedure of cleaning of bulbs. Very few people seriously perceive this recommendation as it is much simpler to change grown dull a light source on more powerful. And it is vain – as it must be kept in mind that dust can “absorb” up to 20% of light of a lamp. Besides, you should not forget also about cleaning of plafonds of chandeliers and lamps.

6. Use heatreflectors (thermal mirrors)

Rather large number of the electric power is taken by the heating devices used in cold season. Screens for batteries from the made foam polyethylene will help to reduce the vain losses of heat and energy, for example, heatreflecting (the environmentally friendly polyethylene foam duplicated mylar or the polypropylene metallized film). It will help to increase temperature indoors by several degrees, and excess heat will not be given to walls and through them on the street.

7. Use the two-zonal counter for payment of the differential tariffs

In Ukraine the tariff for electricity at night (from 23:00 till 7:00) is twice lower, than in the afternoon. Therefore those who work at night or just prefer to sleep in the afternoon, having installed the two-tariff counter will be able not only to save means on payment for the electric power, but also to reduce the probability of cases of emergency de-energization. Unfortunately the system of diftarif does not enjoy popularity, and many just do not know about its existence. In more detail about the diftarifakh and transition to them it is possible to read in this article.

8. Buy household appliances with energy consumption of class “A” above

The efficiency of use of energy is designated by classes — from A to G. Class A has the lowest energy consumption, G is least effective. The majority of modern household goods, packings of a bulb and even cars have to have the label of energy efficiency of the EU. More economic equipment is usually marked by the label of green color. Consumes energy saving devices much less energy, than other equipment. And the difference can sometimes make up to fifty percent. Besides, for today there is equipment of class A and And. Respectively, its energy saving abilities are even higher.

9. Warm the apartment/house/room

Also one of the most effective methods. Except all above-mentioned, it is possible to save energy, having taken simple measures for warming of the room. First, warm windows and close up all cracks, and ideally – replace outdated double-glazed windows with better plastic, it is desirable with low-emissivity glasses. It is known that through windows about 50% of heat can be lost. Also, during the winter period it is better to hang up warm dense night curtains on windows and also to warm entrance doors and a balcony (loggia), it is worth thinking also of warming of floors indoors.

Warm a facade of the house or apartment. It also considerably will lower “load” of the electric counter as effective increase in heat-insulating ability of walls and elimination of so-called “bridges of cold” will allow not only to spend less electric power for heating in the winter, but also will keep a cool in summertime. As the heat-insulating material it is possible to use mineral wool or polyfoam.

10. Apply “clever” technologies and renewables

In the modern construction industry there is a concept the “smart” house which means the system providing, first of all, resource-saving and safety by means of hi-tech devices and automation. Of course, it is recommended to put “clever” features for your house at a design stage. However it is already possible to equip with some elements of smart technologies premises. So, for example, it is possible to operate remotely heating, conditioning and lighting by means of special applications on your smartphone.

The sun and wind act as the most widespread alternative energy sources. Therefore for house owners solar and vetrogeneriruyushchy installations are the most attractive. There is a set of examples when, for example, panels are solar, helped private households to save the electric power and to become non-volatile, however final economic effect of their installation needs to be counted in each case separately. Nevertheless, it is unlikely someone will challenge the fact that for RES the future and their availability to ordinary Ukrainian users the question of the next several years – unambiguously testifies to it successful foreign experience.

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