How to Properly Store Bread in the Heat

With the onset of warm weather, the number of patients who go to clinics with food poisoning is growing, and this is not surprising, because with improper storage of products they quickly deteriorate.

Specialists say that at such a time it is impossible to store white and black varieties in one place, because each contains different bacteria that are nearby and contribute to the appearance of the fungus.

Many people believe that bakery products do not belong to the category of foods that quickly deteriorate, but this is an erroneous opinion, because, being in the heat, they are very quickly hit by a potato stick.

These are dangerous bacteria, which quickly form spores in the bread, which are transmitted for several hours by the side of a freshly baked loaf.

Signs indicating that the bread is infected is a change in its consistency and an unpleasant smell, so if you doubt the freshness of bread, it is better not to eat it, because it can cause poisoning.

In order to get rid of the smell in the breadbox where this bread was lying, it can be wiped from inside with a slice of lemon.

It should be remembered that in hot weather the best place for storing bread is the refrigerator, because there are no sun rays, and because of the low temperature, the bacteria can not reproduce.

A Dangerous Product That In Summer Often Causes Poisoning

Another product, which is considered one of the most dangerous, is everyone’s favorite ice cream, which is always increasing in the summer season. Many people believe that in a product that is stored frozen, there can not be bacteria, and that’s right.

However, there are cases of improper storage of the product, for example, when, after this delicacy melts a little, the sellers again place it in the freezer, which can not be done.

Therefore, in order not to get poisoned when buying ice cream, pay attention to whether it does not have a deformation, which indicates a repeated freezing of the product. Also it is worth remembering that in hot weather it is ice cream that often causes the appearance of tonsillitis and other diseases of the throat.

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