How to Prevent the Appearance of Depression in the Winter

How to Prevent the Appearance of Depression in the WinterWith the onset of the cold season, the number of people who are depressed is increasing, and this is affected not only by external influences, but also by the emotional state.

Naturally, when the day gets shorter, most people are less in the open air, preferring watching TV or computers, which negatively affects not Bioretin vélemények only the physical, but also the psychological state. If there is an opportunity to spend more time outdoors in the summer, more often to go out into the countryside and communicate with friends, in the winter it happens much less often.

Experts argue that in order not to impair the quality of life, it is necessary to adhere to some tips.

One of them is the correct reaction to the signals of emotions, among which the most negative influence is caused by fear, anger and guilt. Due to the fact that terrorist attacks occur in different Bioretin σχόλια cities every year, as well as there is an increase in crime, some people feel fear, especially during their stay in public places, which naturally affects the worsening of mood. Moreover, it can arise even in those moments when you are not exposed to any danger. Therefore, by any means try to get rid of such thoughts.

Everyone at least once in his life met with a sense of injustice towards him, which causes anger and resentment, which negatively affects the nervous system and can provoke a number of diseases. However, no less stress on the nervous system occurs when you feel guilty for your behavior. To get rid of these emotions, you need to eliminate the reasons for which they arose.

From the circle of communication depends on the psychological state

There is a certain category of people who constantly complain not only about the weather, but also their financial situation, their state of health, and their negative attitude to them from management and colleagues.

In order not to worsen the mood, it is better to avoid communication with such people, giving preference to those who are optimistic. In Japan, journalists conducted a survey among people aged 100 and over to learn Bioretin comentarii about how they managed to achieve such results. It turned out that in addition to an active lifestyle and proper nutrition, they are all optimistic and like to joke, despite their advanced age.

Experts recommend not paying attention to the rude attitude of strangers, for example, in transport, and other public places, because, while retaining an offense, you are Bioretin мнения injuring the state of your nervous system. In any situation, try to keep balance, which will help to avoid stressful situations.

Give more time to your favorite pursuits, but do not give up daily walks in the open air, as well as classes in various sports, especially in most cities for this all conditions Bioretin recenzije are created. An important factor is the diet, which should contain foods that improve mood, for example, black chocolate, bananas and others. As for alcohol, it is better to refuse it, because more harm will be done than a positive effect.