How to Prevent Nail Fragility

For any woman, the condition of the hands is of great importance, because it is easy to determine the age for them.

So that over the years they do not lose their beauty, special care is needed, for which they use creams, baths for hands. An important role in this is the manicure, however, there are often cases when fragility of nails is observed.

This is not surprising, because women have to perform almost all homework, while using various chemicals that are capable of destroying the structure of the nails. Therefore, wash dishes using detergents, followed by rubber gloves.

In addition, the condition of the nails in many places depends on the diet, so it is necessary to give preference to protein foods, as well as foods that are high in calcium. Among them, seafood, eggs, as well as meat and milk. If you notice that your nails are brittle, then try to do such a procedure as applying olive oil on dry hands before going to bed, and repeat it for ten days.