How to Prevent Autumn Depression

Psychologists say that in the fall a relatively large number of people experience discomfort and the reason for this is not only a change in weather conditions, but also a decrease in daylight hours, which affects the reduction of time spent in the fresh air.

Some people do not even notice that in the autumn season they began to pay more attention to electronic media in the form of a TV or computer, and, as is known, this habit has a negative impact, both on the physical and psychological state.

Refusal to conduct an active lifestyle, reduction of the circle of communication worsens the work of the nervous system and often leads to a state of depression.

In addition, there is a decrease in immunity, resulting in more common cold and viral diseases, which also worsens the quality of life. However, each person can cope with this problem by adhering to some recommendations. One of them is not to give up daily hiking, regardless of age and weather conditions, and it is desirable to cover a distance of at least five kilometers.

Pine needles have Soothing Properties

Also an important factor is proper nutrition, namely, the inclusion in the diet of products that improve mood, for example, bitter chocolate. A bad mood and apathy that do not go away for several days can trigger the appearance of insomnia, which is why many people take sleeping pills, sedatives, without thinking that they cause dependence.

Maybe, therefore, it is better to use infusions made from plants such as mint and lemon balm.

However, not everyone knows that pine needles also have properties that have a soothing effect on the nervous system. In this case, it can be used, as in the form of infusion, most often with honey, and add to the bath.

Experts argue that the needles help to relieve fatigue and relieve headaches. The same properties are possessed by chamomile and St. John’s wort, the use of which also improves the quality of sleep, so that a person feels more cheerful.