How to Overcome Afternoon Drowsiness

Every person is familiar with the feeling of drowsiness that appears after dinner. If you can lie down and rest on your day off at home, then at work it is often impossible to do this.

In this regard, reduced working capacity and mood worsening, and often there are headaches, because the body has to fight with drowsiness. In some countries, for example in Spain, for many centuries, a siesta is observed, that is, a dream after dinner, and most citizens pay particular attention to this, because the health depends on it.

Scientists have proved that daytime sleep for two hours has a beneficial effect not only on the physical, but also on the psychological state, not to mention the fact that such rest gives extra energy.

In order to avoid drowsiness at work, it is recommended to balance the diet by selecting the right foods for lunch and snack.

Products Causing Drowsiness

Due to the fact that some foods contain a large amount of tryptophan, which stimulates the production of melatonin, it is recommended to limit their use.

These include nuts, bananas, almonds, as well as pumpkin seeds. In addition, you should not allow dehydration of the body, for which it is recommended to drink a glass of water for half an hour before meals.

Do not forget that overeating negatively affects not only the work of the stomach, but also contributes to the appearance of extra pounds, and also causes drowsiness, so you need to monitor the rate of used foods. An important factor is that almost all confectionery products contain a lot of sugar, therefore, after using them, a sudden change in the level of sugar in the blood can occur, which leads to fatigue and the desire to sleep.

In order to cheer up after dinner, it is enough to drink tea or coffee without sugar and other additives.

Also a good option is to walk for a short distance, while office staff should not dine at the work table, but visit the gastronomic institutions, because this makes it possible to escape from work.

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