How To Normalize Strong Sleep

How To Normalize Strong SleepSleep is one of the important elements of our life, on which depends not only the appearance, but also the state of health, and the duration of life.

Everyone knows that for an adult, it should last at least 7 hours, but not more than nine hours. If there is a systematic violation of sleep, then this may indicate Bioretin kosmetyki dla kobiet problems with the nervous system, for which it is necessary to seek the advice of a specialist.

However, often insomnia appears due to some incorrect habits that negatively affect the quality of sleep. Chinese scientists for a long period of time conducted a study, which Bioretin moterų kosmetika revealed that following certain tips can normalize sleep, among which:

– the right choice of food during dinner
– temperature and humidity in the bedroom
– restriction of the use of electronic means
– observance of the daily routine

Nutritionists say that from dinner, as well as other meals, it is not recommended to refuse, because it is not harmful, only to the physical, but also to the psychological state. The fact is that it is difficult to fall asleep on an empty stomach, as a result of which people often consume a lot of liquid, which Bioretin női kozmetikumok leads to puffiness, as well as an additional burden on the kidneys and other organs. At the same meal in the evening should be at least two hours before bedtime.

Do Not Give Up Dinner

An important role is played by products from which dishes for dinner are prepared. In order not to overload the stomach, portions should be small, with preference given to foods that are high in protein and vegetable fats.

These include eggs, veal, chicken, fish. A good option will be salads of fresh Bioretin γυναικεία καλλυντικά vegetables, dressed with olive oil, which is considered one of the best types of vegetable fats. Light dairy products, for example, fermented milk or kefir, contribute to improving the digestive system.

It is worth to give up fried, smoked, fatty and salty foods, not to mention confectionery, because in addition to disturbing sleep, such products contribute to a set of excess weight, which affects an increasing number of people. Before going to bed, it is necessary to prepare a bedroom, for which it is necessary to ventilate it, regardless of the weather conditions, given that the optimal temperature for sleep should be within 20 degrees. On how comfortable the bed, pillow and other bedding, the quality of sleep also depends.

There is a certain category of people who spend a long time in front of television screens or computer monitors without thinking that the light emitted from these electronic Bioretin cosmetice pentru femei devices negatively affects the psychological state, as a result of which a person can not fall asleep for a long time, especially if he is under the impression seen.

Therefore, you must abandon this habit, at least two hours before bedtime, preferring listening to quiet music, reading books, solving crossword puzzles. As for exercise, for people who have problems with falling asleep, it is better to abandon them in the afternoon.