How to Keep Beauty and Health Longer

As you know, after forty years in the human body there is an irreversible process of aging, there are hardly noticeable wrinkles, the first gray hair and other unpleasant changes that affect the nervous system, especially for women, because each of them would like, as possible longer to look younger.

In order to remain attractive, it is necessary to struggle with old age, for which many methods are proposed, the main one of which is the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle.

The first thing you should pay attention to is proper nutrition, so you can avoid the appearance of extra pounds, which often cause the appearance of various diseases and besides, the full person always looks older than his years.

Proper Nutrition – One of the Main Factors

Do not dehydrate the body, because, in addition to violations in many organs, the skin becomes dry, which contributes to the appearance of wrinkles. To prevent this from happening, one should drink one and a half liters of clean water during the day, not counting other beverages and liquid food. Fractional food, in which the portions should be small, allows the products to be better absorbed, which prevents stretching of the stomach.

The diet should be more fruit, berries, greens and vegetables, rich in fiber, which helps to cleanse the intestines, which is the key to healthy skin.

Refusal of a late dinner will prevent the emergence of excess weight, but also improve the quality of sleep, and, as you know, lack of sleep causes headaches, deterioration of well-being, which negatively affects the appearance, because to maintain beauty requires a full rest. Smoking and alcohol abuse harm health, and also worsen the skin of the face, which becomes faded with premature wrinkles. In order to stay in good physical shape for as long as possible, you need to be active, for which sports activities that can be performed, both in clubs and on your own, are suitable. Do not forget about removing make-up, for which it is better to use special cosmetics.

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