How to Increase the Immunity of a Child during a Vacation

In our time, the school curriculum is much more complicated than it was several decades ago, therefore, children are under such pressure that, to some extent, depletes the child’s body, weakening the immune system.

This, in turn, increases the risk of not only colds, but also viral diseases, which are becoming more and more.

Therefore, during the holidays, parents need as much as possible to pay attention to the fact that during this period the child gained strength. To do this, you need to make a daily routine, in which the minimum amount of time is spent for computer games and watching TV. As for sports, they should be performed daily, preferably in the fresh air.

The diet should consist of foods that contain more vitamins. For this, juices prepared at home are well suited, apple-carrot juice is especially useful. Also, salads from fresh vegetables, and nuts are very useful. To strengthen the nervous system, the best rest not only for the child, but for all family members, will be a hiking trip.

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