How to Improve the Work of the Cardiovascular System

Experts argue that with each goal increases the number of people suffering from heart disease.

Among the causes of the development of such diseases is:

– sedentary lifestyle;
– malnutrition;
– Frequent stress;
– large mental and physical loads.

With the advent of the Internet, most people spend too Erogan Schweiz much time on electronic media, especially young people. In this regard, they spend little time in the open air, because of which the blood is not enriched with oxygen, which contributes to the appearance of headaches, irritability, rapid fatigue and other symptoms that adversely affect the heart and brain.

Refusal to engage in sports leads to a deterioration of the blood supply, and also negatively affects the elasticity of the vessels, which leads to rapid aging of the whole organism.

Experts claim a hundred, regardless of age, it is necessary to engage in daily sports, and even walking tours, during which the distance is no Varicobooster buy less than five kilometers, contribute to improving the performance of cardiac activity.

Nutrition is also an important factor, because in our time, a wide selection of foods with a high content of combined fats, sugar, salt and other ingredients that negatively affect blood composition is offered. If you have a low-activity lifestyle and eat not quite healthy food, at the initial stage will develop hypertension and other diseases that worsen Collamask where to buy the general condition and reduce the quality of life.

Useful Properties Of Onions And Garlic

Scientists from Australia conducted an experiment, which revealed that there are some vegetables that are consumed daily, you can improve the work of the heart and brain, as well as prevent the occurrence of blood clots.

One of them is the onion, which contains substances that reduce the level of harmful cholesterol in the blood. In addition, it contains active sulfur compounds that can purify the brain and slow the aging of cells.

This is especially true for people engaged in mental Varicobooster acheter work and the elderly, because the risk of atherosclerosis is reduced. An important factor is that onions prevent the development of various diseases, including cancer. Equally useful is garlic, which also improves blood composition and strengthens blood vessels. People suffering from hypertension, enough daily to eat one clove of garlic to avoid pressure drops. It is also proved that those people who daily include these vegetables in the diet are much less likely to suffer from cold and viral diseases, because they are natural antibiotics.

In order to get rid of the unpleasant smell of garlic and onions, just pour them with boiling water for a few minutes. From the state of the nervous system depends not Varicobooster kaufen only the state of health, but also the work of many organs, therefore, it is necessary to do everything possible to avoid frequent nervous stress, stressful situations, bad mood, which leads to depression.