How to Improve the Performance of the Head Brain

How to Improve the Performance of the Head BrainOne of the important organs responsible for the vital activity of the whole organism is the brain.

In order to maintain its normal performance until old age, it is necessary to follow certain recommendations. One of them is the conduct of an active way of life, which makes it possible to maintain Maxi Size รีวิวจริง in a tone not only a physical, but also a psychological state. People who are engaged in sports are much less likely not only to catch colds and viral diseases, legs and avoid the development of depression.

Especially useful are game sports such as football, volleyball, tennis and others, because a person receives positive emotions that favorably affect the brain and prevent the aging of cells.

Depending on the age categories, it is necessary to select the most suitable sports individually. German M-POWER ในร้านขายยา scientists have proved that swimming has a positive effect on the work of the whole organism, and also helps to relieve nervous stress, and this concerns not only bathing in open water, but also in swimming pools, so if it is possible to visit it in winter, then do not deny yourself this pleasure.

It Is Necessary To Constantly Train The Brain

Constantly to train it is necessary not only the muscular system, but also the brain, for which the study of a foreign language, verses, as well as playing chess, solving crossword puzzles and other activities that allow developing thinking is suitable.

Such activities contribute not only to MAMONT วิธีการใช้ improving memory, but also increase life expectancy, which became known after research by Spanish scientists who conducted a survey among residents over a hundred years.

It turned out that almost all of them lead an active lifestyle, as well as engaged in mental work. In order to keep the brain functioning as long as possible, it is necessary to abandon harmful habits such as alcohol and smoking, not to mention the drugs that kill its cells.

An important factor is a Hammer of Thor วิธีการใช้ normal sleep, which should last at least eight hours a day. The fact that during sleep is the so-called “reset” of the brain, as well as the removal of nervous stress. With food we get all the necessary substances that improve the work of the body, including the brain.

To improve its work, it is necessary to balance the diet so that it includes foods high in vitamin, amino acids and minerals.

One of the important components are omega-3 fatty acids, for the production of which it is necessary to eat fat marine fish, walnuts, eggs. During nutrition, you need to control the amount of sugar and fat, so as not to worsen the blood composition, on which the normal activity of many organs, including the brain, depends.

It should be borne in mind that in most semi-finished products, sausages and confectionery products there is a large amount of sugar and combined fats, so it is necessary to limit the use of such products.

Do not dehydrate the body, for which it is recommended to drink at least two liters Atlant Gel วิธีการใช้ of pure water during the day, and it is better to completely abandon the sweet carbonated drinks, preferring teas, preferably green, because it contains antioxidants that prevent the occurrence of various diseases.