How to Improve Health in the New Year

How to Improve Health in the New YearIn the New Year many people make a wish, and this concerns not only children, but also adults, who hope that they will certainly come true.

According to specialists, the beginning of the year can serve as a good incentive for those individuals who have decided to maintain a healthy lifestyle in order to minimize exposure to diseases and live Bactenorm ซื้อที่ร้านขายยา longer. Journalists of one of the Spanish publications conducted a study, according to which they were able to determine the main factors affecting longevity.

They communicated with people who are over 100 years old, and there are about 14 thousand people in the country. It became known that they managed to live to such an honorable age thanks to observance of certain rules. One of them is the rejection of bad habits, as well as the use of useful products. As you know, the inhabitants of Japan and Spain, which have the longest life on earth, prefer Mediterranean cuisine, in which seafood, fruits, berries, greens Maxi Size before and after and vegetables predominate. In addition, olive oil is widely used in these countries, which is used in the preparation of many dishes, and as it is known, it contains substances that slow the aging of cells, improve the performance of the cardiovascular system and brain.

Factors affecting longevity

Factors affecting longevityIt is necessary to watch to prevent in the body of vitamin A deficiency, which we get from such products as eggs, liver, butter.

Doing sports allows not only to prevent the emergence of excess weight, which Maxi Size avant et après is the main cause of many chronic diseases, but also allows you to feel in good physical shape, which improves the quality of life and increases efficiency.

In this case, there is no need to attend sports clubs, but it is enough to make daily jogs, preferably in the morning, when more calories burned. It is proved that evening walks promote the improvement of physical condition, but also have a positive effect on the nervous system, relieving stress and Maxi Size Vorher und nachher normalizing sleep. In order not to gain excess weight, during the day should be at least 6 meals, two of which in the form of a snack. In this case, do not allow dehydration of the body, because this can lead to disruption of the metabolic process. As for drinks, you should drink clean water daily, as well as green tea, in which there are substances that can remove harmful accumulations from the body and prevent the onset of cancer.

One of the products that must be consumed every day in a moderate amount is honey, which has medicinal properties. It is worth remembering that it should not be heated above 60 degrees. An important factor of longevity is the psychological state, because among the long-livers most optimists and possessing Hondrocream cream in a pharmacy a sense of humor. Therefore, it is necessary to devote as much time as possible to the favorite business, as well as sleep, on which the well-being depends. The fact that lack of sleep leads to a rapid deterioration of the body, not to mention the fact that there are frequent headaches, fatigue and decreased efficiency.