How to Help With Food Poisoning

Sometimes, even observing all the rules of hygiene and food storage, you can get food poisoning, because often it is caused by contaminated food.

For example, eggs infected with salmonella, botulinum bacteria or meat.

If the poisoning was due to substandard products, it takes less dangerous, because in such cases enough gastric lavage, which is necessary to drink at least two liters of water and cause involuntary vomiting. Also, to produce a bowel cleansing enemas.

However, in any case, you should consult a doctor to avoid various kinds of complications. When viral poisoning with mushrooms, canned goods, dairy products and eggs, poisoning process may occur in a complex form and even lead to death.

Therefore, try to eat food only proven products that have no expiration date, and have an attractive appearance. After a poisoning is recommended for at least a day to comply with bed rest, with drink plenty of fluids, because dehydration is observed in the body.

How to prevent food poisoning?

There are some simple rules that will help you reduce the likelihood of food poisoning. First, you should always monitor your hand hygiene and wash them with soap and water every time before you eat. Even if you spent the whole day at home, you could touch those household items where a lot of bacteria are concentrated. Secondly, check the quality of products and try to cook your own food. If possible, buy organic products without preservatives and without additional additives. Thirdly, never overeat and refuse late dinners – this will help avoid constipation and bloating.

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