How to Get Rid of Herpes

Sometimes, for no apparent reason, on the lips there is an unpleasant itch, which subsequently turns into herpes, and the most surprising is that it can appear at any time.

However, as a rule, a rash on the lips occurs during the period of a cold.

If men relate to this more calmly, then for women the appearance of herpes is a psychological stress, especially if an important meeting or appointment is scheduled.

Naturally, it can not be hidden by cosmetic means, but there are some folk methods with which you can get rid of the rash on the lips. Very good juice helps onions, for which you need to cut off the onions and squeeze out the juice from it, which lubricate the sore spot.

Do this should be at least 10 times a day at the same interval, as experts say, herpes will disappear the next day. No less effective is another remedy, it’s salt and vegetable oil, but it should be applied immediately, after the itching. If herpes appears very often, then get rid of it without the use of medications will not succeed, therefore it is recommended to pass a survey with a specialist.

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