How to Get Rid of Headache in the Off-Season

During the seasonal change in the weather, some people feel worse, which is accompanied by frequent headaches and muscle pains, palpitations, and anxiety.

In order to normalize the condition, you must adhere to certain rules and one of them is massage.

The fact is that this procedure contributes to the improvement of blood supply, which leads to muscle relaxation, as a result of which the pain passes. Do not let the state of dehydration, for which give preference to products that contain a lot of liquid.

For this period of time, completely reject fried, salty and fatty foods, not to mention alcoholic beverages. In this case, include in the diet foods such as ginger, nuts and beans, which are able to regulate blood sugar and improve brain function.

Do not forget about the workout, which must be done several times a day, while even circular movements of the head can improve the flow of blood to the brain and relieve pain.

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