How to get a worm on a hook

How to get a worm on a hookWorm, the maggot and a crank are the most used nozzles of animal origin. On them it is possible to catch all the year round the most various fish. And only during a summer heat fish can give preference to nozzles of plant origin. During this period fish hesitates therefore as nozzles, it is possible to use “sandwiches” or as they are called, combinations of different types of nozzles. In that case, the worm and corn, a worm or pearl barley, a maggot or pearl barley, etc. can be got on one hook. In most cases it works, especially it gives the chance to learn from what fish cannot refuse.

Ways of a nozzle

It is possible to get a worm on a hook in several ways, at the same time it is worth using some recommendations:

  1. Getting on a hook the worm has to remain mobile, and it means that at a nasazhivaniye it is not necessary to injure it strongly.
  2. As a rule, the hook is chosen depending on the size of fish which can be caught, and the size of a nozzle depends on hook size.

If on hand there is a muckworm, generally not the big size, then it is got entirely, applying several options. It can be got, having pierced somewhere on the middle one or two times, to get a ringlet or to hook for the end of a worm. Here is determining the size of the worm and also copies of fish. If the small fry is caught, then the small worm who is got on a hook in the single copy will be suitable for it. If the spirit goes on larger fish, such as bream, large crucian, then it is possible to get on a hook on several not big worms, forming a peculiar bunch of worms which will effectively attract large copies of fish on a hook.

If a worm very big, then he can be broken off on several pieces and to get on a hook separate parts. But such method is a little effective when fish poorly bites especially as on a hook there is an inactive part of a worm.

It is possible to use one more option which assumes a nasazhivaniye on a hook together with a worm of other bait, such as corn or pearl barley.

Fishermen call such combinations “sandwiches“.

Most of all worm is loved by a perch, but peace fish, such as small fry, bream, rudd, crucian, etc. also does not refuse him. It is applied when fishing on a float rod and also on ground tackles, such as feeder.

Where to take worms for fishing

If to return back for about fifteen-twenty years, then with worms there was the whole problem, especially for those fishermen who lived within the city. As in those days there was no such variety of baits, it was necessary to catch, generally on a worm and a maggot. Many fishermen parted maggots in house conditions, and stocked up with worms for the winter, keeping them in special boxes. Every time, before fishing, people with shovels left for city boundaries in search of worms, at the same time policemen very often dug out.

Presently such problem does not exist and at any time it is possible to stock up with a worm or a maggot on fishing. For this purpose it is only necessary to descend on the market or to visit fishing department in supermarket, at the same time it is possible to find in shop also other baits, both animal, and plant origin, is not less more effective than a worm or a maggot. On a row with it, there is an opportunity to use amplifiers of a smell and taste. It is quite possible that there will be desire to refuse popular and ubiquitous baits which fishermen for decades, and maybe centuries used.

Where to look for worms at a reservoir

Can happen so that the amateur fisher can arrive to a reservoir without bait, that is without worm. There is it that hunters forget a gun, it can happen also to the fisherman. In that case, it is possible to look for a worm directly near a reservoir, for this purpose the shovel is only necessary. If also the shovel stayed at home, then it can try to be found in shallow water, by means of hands. As it becomes, it is possible to learn, having watched the video. Anyway, the river worm is not worse red manure.

Many fishers claim that purchased hearts are more attractive to fish, than got by own efforts from the earth. Can do it and the truth, but red muckworms it is very difficult to replace with earthworms. Muckworms more active and therefore better attract fish. And here depends much on that on how many accurately the fisherman got a worm on a hook.

Hooks for worms

For worms special hooks are issued: they have the smaller thickness and additional hooks that the worm could not slip from a hook, and the minimum thickness less it injures, increasing survivability. Such hook as Owner Worm SP-BH 53118 also belongs to such type of hooks.

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