How to Do No Harm to Health by Working at a Summer House

According to experts, every year more and more residents of European countries prefer to have their own land, where you can grow organic vegetables and fruits.

And this applies not only to people living in rural areas, but also to citizens. The fact is that such an occupation gives an opportunity to grow healthy products, and also have a positive effect on the body, both physical and psychological.

Working in the garden, a person leads an active lifestyle, which prevents the appearance of excess weight, improves blood circulation, and strengthens the muscular and bone systems, not to mention improving the work of all organs, including the heart and brain.

In addition, scientists learned that those people who have garden plots are much less likely to suffer from nervous illnesses, including depression. However, it is worth remembering that excessive diligence, especially in the spring, when the body is not yet prepared for heavy loads after the winter, it is necessary to be more careful and follow certain tips.

Most Common Problems with Back

One of the most common problems among gardeners is back disease, because often unusual stances are taken. In order for this to happen, you need to rest more often, as well as conduct warm-up, rotating the trunk and leveling the back.

In addition, do not lift heavy objects, because this can adversely affect the spine and lead to stretching of the muscles, not to mention the additional burden on the heart, stomach and other organs.

In addition, people with chronic illnesses, such as hypertension and diabetes, should not be in an inclined position for a long time, because this can lead to increased pressure and the appearance of headaches.

The most important rule is that any occupation, including truck farming, should be beneficial and enjoyable, because in itself, being outdoors contributes to the enrichment of blood with oxygen, not to mention the fact that a crop grown by one’s own hands is much more useful than the one sold in the store.

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