How to Choose the Right Milk Product

Scientists and nutritionists are constantly changing the opinion about the dangers and benefits of certain products containing fats.

For several years, there were recommendations that the use of eggs should be limited, especially to the elderly, because the yolks contain large amounts of cholesterol.

However, recently there were new data that this product is very useful and affects life expectancy, increasing it, so you can safely eat every day two eggs. In order to minimize the harm of dairy products, manufacturers began to produce low-fat products, advertising them as the most useful.

However, as a result of research, scientists have proved that such products contain a large amount of starch and other chemical impurities, which will only harm. It is best to buy milk, cottage cheese and sour cream from farmers who offer products with a limited period of implementation and without various additives. The maintenance of fats in these products is necessary for their better mastering, therefore it is not necessary to refuse them.

Choose Fermented Milk Products

Milk is a very useful product in itself, but on the basis of it you can prepare many other products. In particular, after souring milk can turn into yogurt or cottage cheese, which has an unlimited set of useful properties. In particular, yogurts are considered to be one of the main products for increasing the level of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, as well as restore the normal state of the digestive system. In addition, preservative-free and Gluten-free cheeses and yogurts are very useful for pregnant women to increase the amount of breast milk they produce for lactation.

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