How to Choose the Right Milk Product For You

The benefits of sour-milk products have been known for many years, and this applies to people of different age categories.

The fact is that some people with age refuse to consume milk and products made from it, as a result of which there is a violation of the metabolic process, and there is a deficiency of calcium.

To prevent this, it is necessary to include at least three times a week in the diet this product, which, by the way, has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, heart and other organs.

And do not oblige milk, but it can be cottage cheese, sour cream, cheese or yogurt.

Nowadays, a wide range of such products is presented in stores, however, when choosing it, some recommendations should be taken into account.

One of them is the refusal to buy those products that have a long shelf life, which indicates that they contain preservatives. In addition, it is not necessary to include defatted products in the diet, because there are practically no useful substances in its diet.

Ways of Her Storage

Due to the fact that natural products have a limited shelf life, they should be consumed no later than the time specified on the packaging. In this case, an important factor is the storage method, for which it is necessary to use a refrigerator.

As a result of the conducted studies, it was found out that the packaging also has an effect on useful properties. For example, sour cream can not be stored in plastic and metal containers, but prefer glass or ceramic containers.

Nowadays, plastics are widely used for packaging various foods, which naturally negatively affects their quality, not to mention the fact that such material worsens the ecological situation. In many European countries try to reduce the use of plastic, for example, forbidding the shops to issue free packages. As for sour cream, it quickly deteriorates at room temperature, when it comes to crumbs or left in her appliances, such as a spoon.

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