How to Better Lead Yourself in Time of Manifestation of Aggression

From the psychological state of a person depends, both health and life expectancy.

Nowadays, people often face the manifestation of various kinds of aggression, not only at work, but in transport, shops and other places.

Specialists in this field recommend reacting to the manifestation of anger with calmness, because, in this way it is possible to maintain your health, and also, quickly localize an unpleasant episode. If possible, it is better not to respond to insults in your address at all, and if this fails, try to answer slowly and silently, explaining to the interlocutor that you do not understand what he is talking about.

If there is a situation where you are unfairly accused of anything, try to forget about this incident as soon as possible. Thus, you keep the state of your nervous system. Scientists, after a survey among long-livers, noted the fact that most of them lead an active lifestyle and have never been inclined to provoke various kinds of conflicts. At the same time, they tried to perceive everything with a sense of humor.

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