How to Best Save Vision

Doctors say that recently more and more people suffer from visual impairment, and this is not surprising, because with the advent of computers, some people spend practically all their time in front of their monitors, which negatively affects the quality of sight.

In order to keep your eyes from getting tired and relieve tension, you need to periodically change your eyes, examining distant and near objects.

Especially it concerns those people who, in their work, have to spend the whole day at a computer. Such people are advised to get up as often as possible, do warm-ups, and, walking to the window, look for a few minutes into the distance. In order to protect the eyes, it is necessary to wear protective goggles on sunny days, and it is recommended not to buy cheap glasses whose lenses are made of plastic, because they do not protect from direct sunlight.

Therefore, give preference to those that are made of glass, despite the fact that they are several times more expensive. The same applies to ordinary glasses, before buying which you need to consult an oculist.

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