How to Be in Good Form in Old Age

According to the survey, in European countries, more and more elderly people are becoming every year, while the birth rate is at a relatively low level, which leads to an aging population.

In addition, with an improvement in the economic situation, there is an increase in life expectancy. Experts argue that in order to feel in good physical and psychological shape in old age, it is necessary to take care of this from a young age.

With age, any person changes in the body, and not for the better, as muscle weakness develops, strength of bones and joints decreases, and organ disorders occur, which naturally reduces the quality of life.

In addition, the elderly often suffer from psychological illnesses, not to mention the decrease in the protective functions of the body, which leads to the frequent occurrence of various diseases, including colds.

Scientists, having conducted a number of experiments, determined that in order to enjoy and be in good shape regardless of age, it is necessary to adhere to certain rules:

– do not give up mental work
– show physical activity
– rejection of bad habits
– normalize the diet
– give time to rest

Scientists have proved that those people who, despite their advanced age, show mental activity, are much less likely to suffer from various diseases, because mental work helps slow the aging of the body. To do this, every day should be given time for reading newspapers, books, solving crossword puzzles and other activities related to mental activity.

The Psychological State Is An Important Factor

In this case, the emotional state plays an important role. Because there is a certain category of people who, in case of any symptoms, try to establish a diagnosis on their own, more often with the help of the Internet.

However, this should not be done, because only an expert can determine the disease.

If you constantly think about the likelihood of any disease, then the placebo effect can occur, which is, thoughts can cause it. Therefore, try to think about the positive and not be afraid of old age, because this process is irreversible.

As for physical activity, then, regardless of age, you need to move more. At the same time, every person has the right to choose the kind of sport that is most suitable for him and brings health benefits.

Elderly is well suited for cycling, swimming, as well as daily walking and running.

Do not forget that before starting any exercise, you need to do a warm-up, which will improve blood circulation and prevent damage to muscles and joints. Many diseases occur because of bad habits, which you can refuse at any age. These include alcohol abuse and smoking, not to mention drugs. Also, nutrition plays an important role, for which it is necessary to include useful foods in the diet.