How to Be Cheerful in the Morning

If during the summer period when the sun’s rays penetrate the room in the early morning, most people do not have problems with awakening, which can not be said with the onset of autumn.

The fact is that at this time, together with a cold snap, rains are often observed, but leads to frequent changes in atmospheric pressure.

Naturally, such weather affects the general condition of people, especially those who have problems with the functioning of the heart system.

To wake up in the morning without heaviness and headaches, you need to go to bed while you sleep. For the normalization of sleep and getting rid of insomnia, there are a number of recommendations, including evening walks, at dinner eating easily digestible food, including dairy and fish products, as well as vegetable salads.

In order to cheer up in the morning, you should not drink coffee, especially on an empty stomach, but it is better to drink green tea or a decoction prepared from linden flowers. Do not forget about physical exercise and a contrasting soul, which will not only improve mood, but will also strengthen the immune system.

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