How to Avoid the Cold in the Spring Period

Very often there is a situation where during the entire winter period people were not exposed to catarrhal or viral diseases, and with the arrival of the first spring days, there is a sore throat, cough, runny nose and other symptoms indicative of a cold.

This is not surprising, because it is during this period that it is difficult to find clothes that match the weather.

The fact is that in the morning, when you go to study or work and have to stand idle at bus stops waiting for public transport, you are trying to dress warmer. However, in the afternoon, especially when the sun is shining, it becomes warm, as a result of which you sweat and, even a small wind can cause a cold or a more serious illness, for example, pneumonia.

At this time of the year, when plants begin to bloom, the greatest likelihood of allergies, especially in people who suffer from it, is most likely. In order to avoid such trouble, in addition to the right choice of clothes, you need to constantly strengthen your immune system.

Some Simple Rules from the Nutritionist

If you want to maintain a high level of metabolism and immunity in the spring, you need to balance your diet and try to diversify it with various vitamins and microelements. Onions, lemon, honey, ginger – these are the products that should become your good friends for every day. Try to lead an active lifestyle, play sports and deny yourself the use of harmful products. Also avoid cold drinks or alcohol with ice, which can lead to a cold.

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