How to Avoid the Appearance of Otitis in the Summer

Inflammation of the ear, which in medical terms is called otitis, is more often observed at low temperatures, with the cause of it being hypothermia, colds, and the fact that many young people prefer not to wear a hat in frosty weather.

However, in summer the number of people who seek medical help with such a disease does not decrease.

The fact is that during this holiday season many people prefer to rest on various water bodies, the water in which does not always correspond to the norms and is cool, which causes the appearance of otitis during prolonged bathing.

Observe Precautions

In addition, sunbathing on the beaches, people listen to loud music through the headphones for a long time, which negatively affects the health of the auricle.

According to experts, it is in the heat that the inflammation of the ears develops, because in addition to bathing in cold water, the number of colds increases due to the use of ice drinks. In order to prevent its occurrence, it is enough to observe some precautions.

One of them is the mandatory use of a rubber cap or special devices to close the ears during bathing, especially if the water in the pond is not quite clean. Some doctors do not advise after bathing to wipe their ears with special cotton buds, as well as use them to clean the earwax.

When otitis can increase body temperature, the quality of hearing will decrease, and also aching or acute pain appears in the ear, and this disease sometimes becomes chronic. In addition, sometimes purulent discharge is formed, and if they do not go outside, this can lead to complications.

Do not self-medicate, for example, washing the ears, applying various drops or applying compresses, because this can aggravate the situation, especially for children. Determine the cause of the appearance of otitis and appoint the right treatment can only the doctor, after having conducted the examination with a special medical device.

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