How to Avoid Sleeping While Traveling

According to statistics, about 30% of people suffer from such a disease as motion sickness during the trip, especially in the case of water transport.

Its main symptoms are dizziness, nausea and general malaise. Most often, children fall into this category of people, because their body is in the process of formation, but often there are cases when it does not pass with age. In our time there is a large number of various medicines that should be taken while traveling.

In addition, some recommendations will help to cope with this problem without using drugs.

When traveling in public transport, try to choose seats in the front of the cabin, from which there will be a better view of the traffic, not to mention the fact that there will be less noticeable fluctuations.

Fresh Air Improves Health

An important factor is the access of fresh air, e, depending on the transport, because this makes it possible to replenish the blood with oxygen, thereby improving the work of the brain. Experts say that listening to rhythmic music slows down the process of motion sickness, so you can take electronic means with you and listen to your favorite tunes with the help of headphones, while remembering that the sound should be quiet so as not to harm the hearing organs.

From the diet is also influenced by the state of health during the trip, therefore it is not recommended to transfer, especially heavy food products such as meat, sausages, preferring salads prepared from fresh vegetables.

In this case, do not forget that and send on the road to an empty stomach also should not be. If there are signs of nausea, then you can get rid of using chewing gum or mints with mint flavor. An important factor is a full rest, especially if a long trip is planned, while sleep should be at least seven hours a day, which allows the body, so to speak, to reboot and gain energy. To prevent dehydration, it is recommended to take clean water with you, which should not be taken in large sips.