How to Avoid Skin Burns in Summer

More recently, buds have blossomed on the trees, and snowdrops have blossomed in the forest, and now one can hear the singing of birds singing, admiring the bright young greenery and early flowers that adorn the well-kept flower beds.

Such changes in nature suggest that summer will come soon, which means that most people will go to rest on the seaside or other water bodies. Experts argue that a few days spent on the beaches, enough to increase immunity, get a charge of cheerfulness and strengthen health for a whole year.

However, it is at this time of the year, many people are more likely to suffer from skin burns that get during sunburn.

This is because they do not follow the recommendations of cosmetologists, who advise for the first time that the days are longer in the shade so that the body can adapt to changing air temperature. In addition, you need to constantly use sunscreen, which will protect the skin from burns and the body will appear even tan, and do not forget about glasses that protect your eyes from sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

Traditional Methods of Treatment of Burns

If you feel that you have received a burn, you should immediately take medications that will relieve the pain, while drinking as much water as possible to avoid disturbance of the electrolyte balance in the body. After a couple of days of honey and oat flakes, prepare a mixture that has a soothing effect on the burned skin.

Having combined these two components and adding a little water, mix the paste thoroughly, then apply to the affected areas for several minutes, and then wash it off with cool water.

A good effect can be achieved with a compress made from a cloth previously moistened in milk with ice. Applying it to the burned areas of the skin, you can remove irritation, because of which people often suffer from insomnia, which eventually leads to headaches and irritability. And yet, in order not to spoil the rest, try to adhere to the advice of cosmetologists and then you will look tanned, rested and get a lot of unforgettable impressions.

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