How to Avoid Insomnia

A person who sleeps for a long time is less than the prescribed rate, is characterized by his quick fatigue, increased nervousness, and also frequent headaches.

All this affects the life expectancy and, in order to maximize this period as much as possible, and less to undergo various diseases, it is necessary to normalize the sleep time.

There is a category of people who, for various reasons, suffer from insomnia, and in most cases this condition is associated with a disruption of the nervous or cardiovascular system. Therefore, in such cases, before you struggle with insomnia, you need to undergo a survey. Usually, following some rules, you can quickly get rid of insomnia.

One of them is the refusal to watch TV, especially news, as well as working with a computer and talking on the phone, at least two hours before bedtime. Do not drink alcohol, which acts as a sleeping pill first, and then people wake up in the middle of the night and can not sleep for a long time.

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