How to Avoid Food Poisoning

In the spring, the number of people who seek medical help as a result of food poisoning significantly increases.

The reasons for this are several and one of them is improper storage of food and violation of hygiene rules when preparing dishes. Due to the fact that greens appear, it is very popular, but it should be remembered that it is in the leaves of dill, parsley, lettuce and other plants that a large number of microbes are contained.

Therefore, before using them, it is necessary not only to wash it, but also to pre-soak it, which also contributes to the excretion of nitrates that are present in early vegetables.

When storing perishable products, for example cottage cheese, some landlords, doubting its quality, taste it, which can not be done. The fact is that if you eat even a small piece of a spoiled product, you can get serious poisoning. If the appearance or smell of the product does not inspire confidence, then it is better to throw it away.

Hygiene rules for cooking

An important factor is that during the preparation of food for raw products there should be a separate cutting board to avoid the spread of bacteria to the finished product. Before you start cooking, you need to wash your hands with soap and keep clean in the kitchen, while cleaning from the table and do not leave any dishwashing utensils.

Experts believe that the dirtiest thing in the kitchen are sponges for washing dishes, so the best option will be to change them once a week.

Storage of food in the refrigerator also plays an important role, because it is impossible to combine ready and raw products on one shelf. In this case, the finished food should be stored in special containers.

Another reason for the increase in poisoning at this time of year is that a large number of people on weekends prefer to travel outside the city for a picnic. In order to protect themselves and children from health problems, it is better to use a refrigerator bag, and also not to take perishable food. Do not forget about wet wipes and clean water.

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