How to Avoid Deterioration of Health in the Heat

Summer is the time of year when there is often a hot weather, which people suffer differently, and if some people do not feel any changes in the body, then the others, on the contrary, suffer from high air temperatures.

The fact that during the heat increases the workload of the heart and vascular system, which adversely affects the overall well-being. On such days, most experts recommend sticking to some tips, one of which is a sound, healthy sleep.

The fact is that when you do not sleep enough, the body does not work at full strength, which leads to rapid fatigue, irritability, and reduced efficiency.

It is natural to fall asleep in the heat, when it is very difficult to stuff in a room, therefore, it is necessary to ventilate the sleeping room shortly before sleep, and for a short time it is possible to arrange a draft.

As for air conditioners, it is not recommended to leave them in the working condition for the night, because in summer they are the cause of not only catarrhal diseases, but also inflammation of the muscles. To calm the nervous system before going to bed it will be good to drink tea made from herbs.

The main thing is not to allow dehydration of the body

Another basic rule is not to allow dehydration of the body, for which it is necessary to drink a sufficient amount of liquid, giving preference to clean water. During this period, you should reconsider your diet, from which to exclude fatty, fried and salty products, especially for dinner, because food increases the burden on the stomach and causes thirst, which is already often observed in the heat.

At this time, a small portion of berries and fruits is suitable for dinner, especially since they are abundant in the summer, and most importantly, they contain a huge amount of useful substances.

If nausea suddenly appears, then bananas, spinach, mint or mussel broth, prepared from chokeberry, will help get rid of it, because they have astringent taste, due to which it is possible to alleviate the condition. Regularly rubbing your feet and hands with cool water, you can avoid the appearance of headaches and dizziness, which often happens during the heat.

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