How to Avoid Catarrhal Diseases

How to Avoid Catarrhal DiseasesAccording to physicians, in winter, much more people are exposed to both colds and infectious diseases.

There are several reasons for this, and one of them is that the body’s hypothermia pinjaman uang 15 juta tanpa jaminan often occurs. This especially applies to the legs, because wet or frozen feet are one of the main reasons for the appearance of colds. Therefore, before you go out on the street, you need to choose clothes for the season.

In this case, it is worth considering the fact that if you have to actively move, for example, to overcome long distances on foot, then clothes should be light, spacious and do not restrain movements, so as not to cause sweating. However, if in the cold season you have to stand for long periods at public small business loans transport stops, you should dress as warmly as possible. Women are better off giving up shoes with high heels, because this position of the foot worsens the circulation, which leads to quick freezing of the limbs.

And this is not to say that walking in such shoes on a slippery road increases the risk of injury. Despite the fact that the stores offer a variety of fruits and berries, most of them do not contain the necessary nutrients, because they are grown in unnatural conditions.

Thus, in the winter period of time in the body there is a deficit of vitamin, which reduces protective functions. In order to strengthen immunity, it is necessary to pay special attention to nutrition, including dried fruits, frozen products, because it retains the greatest number of beneficial properties, as well as to eat honey, nuts and citrus cultures.

Do not forget about natural antibiotics, which include onions and garlic.

What To Do With The First Symptoms Of A Cold

If you feel that you are starting to get sick, most often such a symptom is a chill, a runny nose and cough, then try to warm up as quickly as possible.

For this, tea with the addition of lemon, honey or raspberry, which should be drunk in small sips, is good. If there is no elevated temperature, you banks with lowest car loan rates can take a hot bath for the feet, which will improve the blood supply system and prevent the development of colds.

Visiting a sauna and a bath is also a good anti-cold medication. In order to quickly fall asleep and not wake up in the middle of the night because of stuffy nose, it is recommended to put on woolen socks, in which mustard powder is added. Not a bad effect is given by steam inhalations, while what is a salary advance loan it should be borne in mind that when performing them in the home, it is necessary to adhere to caution measures that do not get a burn of the upper respiratory tract.

To remove the inflammatory process in the throat, you can use rinsings with herbal decoctions, and also chew honey in honeycombs. Especially useful is a plentiful drink to prevent dehydration of the body, while preference should be given to cranberry mors, decoction of rose hips. In order how to apply for student loans for college to be less likely to suffer from colds, it is necessary to temper, and this applies to people of different age groups, including children.