How To Avoid Avitaminosis

According to experts, the greatest number of people suffering from cold and viral diseases, observed in late winter and the first spring month.

The main reason for this is that at this time many people have an avitaminosis, because of which the protective functions of the body are weakened.

It should be added that most people in winter are less likely to be outdoors, which naturally Electricity Saving Box come funziona also negatively affects the work of many organs and contributes to the deterioration of well-being, especially if the body lacks vitamin D.

Spanish scientists have conducted a number of studies, as a result of which it became known , what rules must be observed in order not to be exposed to diseases during this time period:

– pay enough attention to rest
– do sport
– diversify the diet
– avoid stressful situations

It was possible to prove that people who Electricity Saving Box como funciona devote too much time to work are much more likely to get sick than those who do not have a rest, only on weekends, but after finishing work.

Pay Attention To Rest And Sports

From the type of work activity a person is engaged in, the choice of rest depends on whether active or passive is preferred.

For example, sellers, waiters or loaders do not need to run after jogging, because they spend a lot of energy all day long, which is more suitable for restoring passive rest.

At the same time, office workers, on the contrary, regardless of Electricity Saving Box πώς λειτουργεί weather conditions, it is recommended to spend as much time as possible in the fresh air.

In this case, there is no need to expose the body to heavy physical exertion, but it is enough to take as a rule daily to walk on foot, during which to cover distances not less than five kilometers.

Scientists have proved that such exercises contribute to improving the functioning of the cardiovascular system, the brain, and also positively affect the psychological Electricity Saving Box hogyan működik state, not to mention the fact that the burning of excess calories takes place. During the holidays or on weekends the best option will be tourist trips, during which it will be possible to change the situation, which relieves nervous tension and does not allow the appearance of depression, which every year affects more people.

This is especially true in the winter period. Experts argue that to prevent vitamin deficiency should include in the diet foods high in vitamin.

At this time, those berries and fruits will be preferable in the frozen form, because exactly in them the greatest quantity of useful substances is stored. In addition, do not forget about dried fruits, when choosing which to pay Electricity Saving Box jak to funguje attention to their appearance, because in our time, there are often cases when producers add sugar and other components that impair the useful properties of these products. In the cold season, you should not give up fat, preferring vegetable, so in the daily diet should be present nuts, olive oil, fish fatty varieties, as well as avocados and other products.