How to Avoid a Disability After a Lunch

In connection with the development of technological processes, more and more people are engaged in mental work, working at computers and, as experts say, this work is much more complicated than the one where physical labor is involved.

As a rule, being in the office, a person moves little, which causes a number of diseases, which can only be combated by leading a healthy lifestyle.
As we would not try, in the second half of the day the efficiency of labor always decreases.

This is due to the fact that not only the brain becomes tired, but the whole organism, especially after a hearty dinner, when it tends to sleep. In such cases, in order to activate, you must follow certain rules.

One of them is that it is necessary to take a break and walk through the office, at the same time, it is advisable to talk with your colleagues in order to completely get out of the work. Usually after a while the efficiency of labor increases. An important role is played by planning the schedule for the next day, while it is noted that people who devote every evening for several minutes to plan, less affected by stress and nervous stress.

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