How Teeth Save Healthy

The maintenance of teeth in good condition is an important factor, because the health of the whole organism depends on it.

Caries occurs for various reasons, among which the most common is the formation of stones on tooth enamel.

This is facilitated by the use of sweet foods, as well as poor cleaning of teeth after eating. After dinner in the dining room or restaurant, the question arises as to how to brush your teeth better, and some people use chewing gum for this.

However, experts argue that it does not have cleaning properties, and this is due to increased salivation. If you take into account the fact that the chewing gum contains a lot of sugar or its substitute, then in addition to harm it does not have any effect.

It will be much more useful to have an apple or carrot, which you used for food a couple of tens of minutes after dinner. Lack of calcium also affects the condition of the teeth, so try to arrange at least twice a week milk days, especially it is important for the children’s organism and the elderly.