How Should Schoolboy Eat

From the diet depends largely on the work of the whole body, because it is replenished with the necessary amount of nutrients.

This is relevant for people of any age, especially children, because they are physiologically growing and developing, so parents should pay attention to the fact that the products were diverse and contained minerals, amino acids and vitamins.

From the correct composition of the diet depends on the state of immunity, which prevents the development of various diseases.

At the same time, it is necessary to ensure that children have at least five meals a day. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, you should not give up snacks, which is good for berries, fruits, nuts.

As for breakfast, this meal should not be missed, and that the child has a good appetite, it is necessary to take care of that he wakes up earlier, preferably without an alarm, while the duration of sleep should be at least eight hours. Most nutritionists recommend that parents abandon fast food, for example cereals, preferring cereals made from cereals. Not a bad option is omelet, cottage cheese and other useful products.

During Lunch, Hot Dishes Should Be Present

In this case, do not forget that the schoolchild’s lunch should be hot, but for dinner it is better to cook light meals, given their nutritional properties. In the diet should include not only marine products, but also meat, giving preference to the bird, because the rejection of products of animal origin disrupts the metabolism process, and cause some diseases.

It’s not a secret to anyone that children like sausages, but do not forget that they contain more harmful substances than useful, especially for cheap varieties of products.

Also, do not get involved in confectionery, including ice cream, because some producers, instead of natural milk, use palm and coconut oil, which, when ingested, worsen the work of not only the digestive system, but also other organs.