How Should Be Breakfast

How Should Be BreakfastIn order to feel in good physical condition and not be exposed to various diseases, it is necessary to take care of the work of such important organs as the stomach and intestines from an early age.

From what kind of food you prefer to eat at breakfast, the digestive Singapore Tinedol system largely depends.

In this case, many people do not even realize that, using them in their opinion, useful products, they harm the stomach. For example, yogurt, especially one that is sold in stores, contains in its composition a lot of sugar and additives that help improve taste and extend shelf life.

To do this, you must follow certain rules:

1. Failure to eat certain types of foods on an empty stomach;

2. Balanced diet;

3. Abandonment of bad habits;

4. Avoid stressful situations.

Sausage products also contain a lot of harmful substances, including combined fats. The use of them during breakfast for a long period of time can cause not only heartburn, gastritis, but 新加坡 Tinedol also ulcer, and even oncological diseases. In this time period, it is not necessary to include fried, fatty and salty products in the menu so as not to irritate the mucous membrane. The same goes for fruit and confectionery because of the high availability of sugar or fructose in them. As for drinks, then coffee, which many drink in the morning to cheer up, it is better to postpone for a later time, replacing it with green tea.

Products recommended for breakfast

Products recommended for breakfastJapanese scientists have been conducting research for a long time, in which people over 80 who participated in the study had no problems with the work of the stomach and intestines.

As a result, the products that are best suited for breakfast were identified. One of them are eggs that have a number of useful properties, because they contain many useful Fito Balt Magyarország substances, including a lot of protein, which is so necessary for the body in the morning. As from them it is possible to prepare quickly various dishes which are pleasant to children and adults. The myth that yolks contain a lot of harmful cholesterol is scattered, therefore, you can eat two eggs a day, regardless of age.

Literally a few years ago, for people over 50, it was not recommended to use them more than twice a week. Any cereal, prepared from whole grains, improves the work of the stomach and cách làm trắng da mặt tự nhiên intestines, with the most beneficial effect of oatmeal, because it helps to remove the inflammatory processes, if any. Sour-milk products must be included in the ration at least twice a week.

As for breakfast, cottage cheese is a good option, provided that the product has a low percentage of fat and is natural. In addition, eating an empty meal a small amount of honey, nuts, prunes can not only improve the Papillux Македонија digestive system, but also get a charge of vivacity for the whole day. All this positively affects the increase in working capacity and has a favorable effect on the psychological state.